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Card information

Our card dimensions are 6’’ x 8.5’’. You can upload either landscape of portrait images. The size and shape of your image will determine if it will be a landscape or portrait card. If you have a specific requirement, please add this into the comments section at the checkout. The image will need to be a suitable resolution to avoid it being stretched or blurred.
It is so easy to view your video. The text inside the card explains to the receiver each step. Its really as simple as > Go to camera on a mobile device > Hover over the logo > Click the link > Play the video. To ensure no one has difficulty accessing their video, we have included a simple step by step guide inside the card, along with a troubleshooting section on our website. Our scanning technology is compatible with the camera app for iPhones running ios 11 or newer, or android devices running Android 8 or later. The videos can be viewed for 30 days after which, the link will no longer work.

Creating a card

It's really as simple as this, go to > Create card > Upload photo > Upload Video > Add to cart > Complete checkout!
The upload function allows you to either record a message whilst on our website, or upload a pre-recorded file. Simply select > Add video > Choose a local file to upload a file, or Add video > Select the three dots > select camera and then record your message.

Qropstar cards are all about the videos. We want each receiver to have a special surprise when they play their message. We therefore don't put personalised text into our cards as we provide a unique experience like no other.

Create My Card allows you to upload one photo and one message. Create My Group Card is our top selling card as this option allows you to upload 6 images and 6 videos and allows all your friends or family to get involved.

Videos & Images

You can upload multiple images/videos straight from your camera roll. Images that are slightly blurry won't look as good as images that are clear and bright. Video’s look better when filmed in good lighting ensuring that you speak clearly. Try to avoid uploading unfocused blurry images/videos. Please refrain from uploading any image/video that could be considered pornographic, sexually explicit or references to hate crime. We will cancel these orders and they will not be processed. You can refer to our Terms & conditions for more details.

Most images will upload within a few seconds. Videos may take slightly longer. if you have an older phone, poor signal or are uploading a large video, the upload time might take up to a few minutes. Try not to click off the screen whilst upload is in process to avoid having to re-upload.

Receiving a card

Firstly, that's great you received a card from us, that means that someone close to you has taken the time to think of you and record you a personal message. It's really easy to view your message. Simply open up your phone, and open your phone's camera app, hover over the QR code but don't take a picture. A link will appear after a few seconds at the top of the screen. Click this link to view your message.

Don't panic, just follow our simple step by step guide to viewing your message. If the steps below don't work, visit our 'Help Accessing My Card' page for further help.

  1. 1. Go to your camera app on your phone, android or tablet
  2. 2. Hover the phone over the QR code (insert picture of it here) about 10cm away from the card
  3. 3. A link will appear at the top of the screen
  4. 4. Click the link
  5. 5. Your video will be played.
  6. 6. Sit back and enjoy, time and time again.