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Our Story

More Than Just a Gift

Qropstar is a new way to send gifts and cards to loved ones that gives them a truly unique viewing experience. Our gifts play videos and when you send or receive one, you can't help but feel a strong emotional attachment that stays with you for life.

When was the last time you told someone you love just how important they are to you? We decided to create ​Qropstar​ because we believe a great way to show someone how much you care, is by taking the time to tell them. 

Qropstar​ personalised greeting cards and gifts are popular because we provide an experience like no other. You've probably sent a generic handwritten personalised gift before but now it's time to try it the Qropstar​ way! We challenge you to watch a Qropstar​ greeting without laughing, crying or just feeling. 

The uniqueness of each Personalised gift brings a different emotion for each viewer. We’ve made them super easy to send and receive. You just need a video message and a photo and our clever scanning technology will bring your moments to life on screen.

To create a video gift, simply upload a photo of your choice, then upload a video message. Once your uploads are complete you simply need to checkout, making sure you add any little extra touches into our comments box.

At ​Qropstar​​, we help you tell the stars in your life, just how important they are. Studies show that most people feel they are unable to keep in touch, or do something special because they just don't have the time. This is causing us to feel disconnected and cut-off from the ones we love most. Make some time today to create something extra special for someone else. Simply go to create my card now. It will make their day!